As social skills develop rapidly in this age group, our Preschool program teaches the importance of good manners, sharing with others, and conflict resolution (I want your toy, so I will give you mine). Children participate in structured, teacher-led activities such as circle time that are designed to foster listening and comprehension. We also work on the development of small motor skills with activities such as stringing beads and coloring. In Math children learn grouping, seriation, and sorting. In language we teach storylines, and rhyming. We strongly encourage free creative play in different play areas (housekeeping, blocks, etc.) where the children can use their imagination and learn about social roles and cooperation. The Preschool program also instills self-help skills such as going to the bathroom and washing hands, taking off / putting on shoes and coats, and cleaning the table after eating.


Age: 2 years, 9 months - 4 years
Ratio: 20 children to 2 teachers
P: (978)975-8483
E: info@acapreschool.com


``My teaching style incorporates a lot of physical activity - field trips, nature walks, days at the beach, etc. Peaceful yet vigorous movement, like hiking in the woods or walking by the ocean, stimulates my mind and revitalizes my spirit, and I believe it does the same for the children.``