Kindergarten focuses heavily on social development and peer-to-peer interaction. Children have a community time in which they discuss ideas such as kindness, compassion, and self-control. There are additional classes for music, dance, and martial arts during the week.


ACA’s Kindergarten employs an open classroom concept. Children seldom sit at the table for a pen and pencil job. Instead, they are divided into small groups to work individually in different areas, including writing, reading, science, and math. Each child learns at his or her own pace through hands-on teaching methods, such as addition and subtraction with Unifix cubes, geometry with Magna tiles, and science through cooking and experiments. The children also write and illustrate their own stories before reading them to their classmates.

Because Kindergarten is the beginning of formal education, it is also subject to state law. Therefore, our Kindergarten teacher is properly licensed and certified in accordance with Massachusetts law.


Age: 5 years
Ratio: 10 Children, 1 Teacher
P: (978)975-8483
E: info@acapreschool.com

Elizabeth - Kindergarten

``My children are the light that illuminates my way, so I understand what a profound responsibility it is to care for others little ones. I am just as dedicated to my ACA kids as I am to my own, and I put my heart into everything I do.``