The main focus of our Infant Group is helping each child reach his or her age appropriate developmental milestones. Our educators nurture gross motor skills such as sitting, crawling, standing, and walking, as well as fine motor skills including holding a bottle, using a spoon to pick food up off a tray, and turning pages in a book.


Our educators taper their daily routine to the needs and schedule of the children in their care. Each day time is found for singing songs, reading stories, and playing games like Peek-A-Boo. All we ask is for parents to supply formula, bottles, diapers and diaper cream. Leave the rest to us! We also offer meals for children eating table food and individual crib linens.


Age: 1 month to 15 months
Ratio: 7 children, 2 teachers
P: (978)975-8483
E: info@acapreschool.com


``I'm a creative person. I love decorating my classroom with children's art, my own paintings, and other inspiring images. There is always music in my classroom too, we sing and dance daily. I'm a firm believer that art, music, and movement are integral parts of healthy development.``


In my classroom, I witness the precious milestones of my students, from their first steps to their first words, and I take pride in nurturing them as they grow into talkative and energetic toddlers. They become like my own babies, and I love incorporating singing into our daily activities to make the learning experience enjoyable and engaging for them.


“I speak Spanish with the children. Hearing, understanding, and communicating in two languages since early childhood helps the brain development. We have children whose parents talk with them in their native tongues: Russian, Hindi, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese.”