In Pre-Kindergarten, children get ready to enter a more formal educational environment, whether that will be ACA’s Kindergarten or other Kindergarten programs. As their cognitive skills continue to develop, the foundations of their self-esteem, perception of the world, and moral outlook are established as well. During this year, the children learn the basics of phonics, counting, and story writing, and investigate the world around them through creative play. They also learn loyalty, truthfulness, negotiating skills, and how to express feelings in words.


Age: 4 years - 5 years
Ratio: 20 children to 2 teachers
P: (978)975-8483
E: info@acapreschool.com


I discovered my passion for teaching in my home country of Ukraine. I graduated from a Pedagogical University, majoring as a mathematics teacher. I particularly enjoy teaching students math and language. In addition to Ukrainian, I speak Russian and English. I am delighted to work with young children because I want their lives to be beautiful, bright, and kind.

Janet - Assistant Director

``Teaching is my greatest passion - I love helping children learn. I also love music and dancing and incorporate both into my teaching every day. It makes me so happy to see children smile, especially when I know that I put that smile on their faces.``