Natasha - Director

``ACA is a home away from home where children are cared for and taught by trained educators with big hearts filled with passion for what they do. Teaching is not just a job; not everybody can do it. Parents entrust us with their children, the most precious people in their lives and we take pride in helping them grow into responsible, caring, educated adults.``

Janet - Assistant Director

``Teaching is my greatest passion I love helping children learn. I also love music and dancing and incorporate both into my teaching every day. It makes me so happy to see children smile, especially when I know that I put that smile on their faces.``

Our Teachers

We are proud to say that ACA develops a strong community of parents, teachers, and children. At the core of our community is a group of dedicated teachers who have been employed by ACA on average by more than eight years. All staff members are trained and qualified in accordance with regulations of the Massachusetts Office for Child Care Services.

Teacher Painting


``I'm a creative person. I love decorating my classroom with children's art, my own paintings, and other inspiring images. There is always music in my classroom too, we sing and dance daily. I'm a firm believer that art, music, and movement are integral parts of healthy development.``


In my classroom, I witness the precious milestones of my students, from their first steps to their first words, and I take pride in nurturing them as they grow into talkative and energetic toddlers. They become like my own babies, and I love incorporating singing into our daily activities to make the learning experience enjoyable and engaging for them.


“I speak Spanish with the children. Hearing, understanding, and communicating in two languages since early childhood helps the brain development. We have children whose parents talk with them in their native tongues: Russian, Hindi, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese.”


``I love watching children grow. Yesterday, they couldn't walk, but today, they're taking steps! Before, they couldn't pronounce a word correctly now, they can say a full sentence! It's always so exciting, and I am proud to be part of their accomplishments. I put so much effort into everything I do, from planning a curriculum to organizing activities, because the children's growth is my reward.``


Having witnessed my grandson's growth at this daycare, I was inspired to work here, knowing its positive impact on children's lives. After seeking refuge from war-torn Ukraine in America, I'm grateful for the support I received and find fulfillment in giving back through my work with young minds.


I discovered my passion for teaching in my home country of Ukraine. I graduated from a Pedagogical University, majoring as a mathematics teacher. I particularly enjoy teaching students math and language. In addition to Ukrainian, I speak Russian and English. I am delighted to work with young children because I want their lives to be beautiful, bright, and kind.


``I was born in India but lived in Israel my adult life. Now I am American. It is very important to me to teach children social studies: about their families, school, our country, as well as different countries and cultures. We are all different but we adhere to certain social norms that lead to peaceful coexistence. So, knowledge of the world and cultures, and universal rules is the central part in my teaching.``


``My children are the light that illuminates my way, so I understand what a profound responsibility it is to care for others little ones. I am just as dedicated to my ACA kids as I am to my own, and I put my heart into everything I do.``