Older Toddlers

The goal of our older toddlers group is to encourage independence and
spark a love for learning. Our circle time centers around a two- week
long topic. We incorporate songs, dancing, matching games, and art
projects that reinforce that topic. In this classroom the children are
beginning to develop a sense of self and a dynamic personality. Our
teachers give options, allowing for the students to make some decisions
about their activities.


The educators in this group work on preparing the students for Preschool.
The circle time is 10-15 minutes long and different approaches are taken
for art projects (e.g. this group will make Play-Doh instead of use store
bought). The child directed free play includes items such as smaller Lego
blocks, Magnet letters, and puzzles. This group follows the same schedule
as the Younger Toddlers with breakfast at 9 AM, lunch at 12 PM, and nap from
1 PM – 3 PM. We ask parents to supply diapers or Pull-Ups and diaper cream.
We provide meals and milk. We dedicate time to potty training and welcome the

Older Toddlers

Age: 2 years - 2 years, 9 months
Ratio: 9 children to 2 teachers
P: (978)975-8483
E: info@acapreschool.com

Tamara - Older Toddlers

Having witnessed my grandson's growth at this daycare, I was inspired to work here, knowing its positive impact on children's lives. After seeking refuge from war-torn Ukraine in America, I'm grateful for the support I received and find fulfillment in giving back through my work with young minds.